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At 7pm on Tuesday 25th April, Manchester’s iconic Factory venue will host the latest in a series of events that explores key topics from different areas of music.  This symposium will focus on the world of Electronic Music and bring music makers together with established industry people.  They will be answering questions and discussing topics such as the key elements of great electronic music, how to make it and being part of the industry.  

The panel of experts will include British electronic music pioneer and 808 State co-founder Graham Massey, DJ/ record producer and co-founder of the Twisted Nerve and Finders Keepers record labels Andy Votel, DJ/ producer and technical expert Tom Francis from the Autobots and Skyping in from Ibiza will be globally renowned DJ/Producer Doorly.

Other panellists from the electronic music eco system will include music venue and festival magnate Aaron Mellor who has built a 32 strong music venue chain and co-owns the Lost Village Festival.  Representing Electronic Sound Magazine will be electronic music connoisseur and award winning blogger Fat Roland, plus more.

The Electronic Music Symposium sees contemporary music education heavy weights Manchester MIDI School and the University of Central Lancashire collaborating with former Operations Director for Ministry of Sound Tony Rigg.

Talking about the series Rigg had this to say, “For those who haven’t been to one of our events before, imagine a cross between Parkinson and Question Time but for people who are really into music.  It is going to be a great conversation and we want to audience to feel part of it.”  

The Music Symposium are also teaming up with computer music experts SCAN Pro Audio who will be bringing some of the latest equipment for people to try.  Music makers are invited to bring along their own mixes to check them out on Audeze mastering quality headphones.  

The Electronic Music Symposium is ideal for serious musicians and music makers, people wanting to work in the industry and with people seeking more immersive experiences these days it also provides a great opportunity for real music fans to get deeper into the music.

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