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Are you an experienced professional developing an innovative idea, which could have an impact on the music industry? Do you feel you are missing the necessary tools, knowledge and networks to support its conception? Then JUMP - the European Music Market Accelerator is for you!

Organised by a network of 6 acclaimed European Festival and Conventions (MaMA, Un-Convention, MIL, European Music Day, Nouvelle Prague and Linecheck), JUMP provides a framework for music professionals to develop innovative business models. It aims to help the music sector adapt to the recent transformations of the market, while encouraging it to work on a transnational level.

Following the announcement of their 100th conference in March 2019, Manchester based Un-Convention are offering music professionals the opportunity to take part in a 9 month fellowship scheme that will enable participants to receive advice from industry experts, as well as to visit and develop networks across 6 European countries.

For 9 months (March 2019-December 2019), you will have the opportunity to follow a unique programme. Each person will be assigned an expert music industry tutor and ultimately develop their ideas by networking, learning and receiving training from industry professionals from across Europe. The aim is to have your idea ready to be presented to the music industry by the end of the programme! Does this sound interesting to you? 

Then find out more about the programme and apply before Monday 14th January 2019. More details via the links below...

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