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Q&A: Chris Williams, BabyBoom Records

Blog: 15th July 2010 by Molly Jones under Record Labels

We quiz Chris Williams from BabyBoom Records.

What’s the best way for unsigned bands to approach you?

By email at [email protected] Ideally, send a couple of MP3s with brief biog or Sonicbids page

How can they make an impression?

Send us something that we have not heard before, when playing live, put on a show and make us feel you gave everything, and be prepared.

What’s you biggest bugbear when it comes to dealing with unsigned bands?
The fact that people often send us way too much info - we really don't need to know that your bass player is at uni and that your guitarist has been playing since primary school and has grade 8 in piano…

Lack of preparation and excuses also irks me, like "We are going in the studio in a few weeks to record a better demo than this" - send us that one, then! I also hate when bands clog up our MySpace pages with flyers for gigs, or post their media players on our sites.

Top tip for unsigned bands:

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