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Thumbs up for The Unsigned Guide! Find out what our members have to say...
"The Unsigned Guide doesn't just give you a foot in the door, it blows the door off its hinges!" Tony Wilson, Founder of Factory Records

Wonderful words from the man himself! Here at The Unsigned Guide we’re very pleased to be on the receiving end of rave reviews and nice words from music industry organisations and established companies, but what about our members? We count bands, artists, music makers, producers, music students and those eager to build a career in the music industry amongst our regular users, not to mention small, independent labels, promoters and managers. So let’s hear what they have to say about The Unsigned Guide and how it has helped them progress. If you also want to let us know about your experiences and achievements through using The Unsigned Guide, and be featured on this blog, just drop us a line!

"We've used The Unsigned Guide since the band started, it's got us reviews, gigs, contacts and taught us most of the stuff we know about 'the biz'. Every band we know either uses it or has at least heard of it. It's the swiss army knife every band should have in their pocket."
Sky Valley Mistress

"We've been members of The Unsigned Guide from Day 1 in the band. We've DIY booked about 7 UK tours for ourselves and even international artists using the contacts in the Live section. More so we've contacted publishers and merch printing places through it which was really helpful. Probably one of the best DIY platforms out there for independent artists."


"Despite the Internet having a wealth of information, there’s still no substitute for a specialist directory that’s updated regularly and well edited."

"I've spent loads of time on The Unsigned Guide! I've emailed every radio show you've listed (relevant to my music). I've also emailed 90% of the press contacts! I think to have all this valuable information in one place, its such a huge deal. So thanks, again."
Second Hand Poet

"We've used the resources available to us almost exhaustively. Off the back of contacts found through The Unsigned Guide we have received blog write-ups, playlisting, funding advice we are pursuing and gigs/festivals for next year."
Brother Zulu

"Being an unsigned band ourselves, we couldn't hope for a fuller and better organised database of all the information we need! It comes in handy quite regularly and has helped us book some of our recent gigs."
The Magic Lotus

"I've found it to be a really useful resource as I try to plot my next steps as an independent artist."

Tina Boonstra

"When I came across the Unsigned Guide I was baffled by two things; 1) how affordable it was for such a wide and cool database, and 2) that we hadn't been using it before! We use it to help with finding all kinds of industry contacts, and the quantity of useful content is great. Even the Spotlight submission feature is great. I'm a big fan of it."
Brass Phantoms


"I think we must use it at least a couple of times a week. With the music business being as saturated as it is, it's hard to get your stuff heard so you just have to keep pushing it at people and The Unsigned Guide is a very useful database of contacts."

"The information and opportunities that The Unsigned Guide provides has been absolutely invaluable to me as a self-managed, independent artist. I see the Guide as an integral aspect to my career in terms of resources and contacts."
Grace Savage

"A great source of industry contacts and has been a great help for our single release campaigns (which we have done ourselves)"


"We get pretty good use out of The Unsigned Guide. It makes the big tangled spaghetti of internet waves nice and digestible when it comes to looking for industry contacts. As a self-managing band, that can be priceless."
Oya Paya


"I find The Unsigned Guide is good for using as a database to search. You normally find people e-mailing you wanting something from you all the time (generally it's your money.) You can't dismiss all of them, so I normally give most of them a search on UG and see what comes up. I find that UG gives better quality information than just a Google search for e-mails/phone numbers. It's really helped with promotors and managers I need to get in touch with."


"I have found the plethora of live music venue contacts included in The Unsigned Guide monumental in reaching new audiences." 
Ross T. Graham

"I can't count the hours that have been saved from having to hunt through the internet for a gig promoter's email address or the phone number of a studio thanks to The Unsigned Guide. These are all hours that could be spent mastering my instrument instead and I know which is more important to me! It was even through the Guide that we signed our first record deal so a massive thank you is owed."

The Wicked Venetians

"The Unsigned Guide has been an incredible tool. It has helped me so much in planning shows and tours. Having all the information in one place really takes the stress out of finding it all on your own. As an independent artist it really helps and acts as a great guide. it’s almost ridiculous not to use or have. I recommend it to others quite a lot."


"It's a really transparent source of information which in my experience is pretty uncommon in music. It's empowering, and that's fantastic."
Poisonous Birds

"The Unsigned Guide is a great tool for any unsigned band, literally does what is says on the tin. We are avid users and could not recommend more for any artist looking to make contacts and waves!"
Fond Of Rudy

"It’s helped us to reach out to loads of radio stations, online blogs and booking agencies that perhaps we wouldn’t have otherwise had access to."
The Franklys

"It's a really great service, we'd definitely recommend it to any unsigned bands. It's been extremely useful for festival applications. Everything's easy to find and self-explanatory."
Delta Mainline

"The Guide seems to be one of the most important resources for an up and coming band."

"The directory is a great tool for finding likeminded individuals in the industry."
"I've been using if for several years now. It's a really handy tool to get in touch with people in the biz. I also love the newsletters with all the updates about festival slots, funding deadlines, and more."
Gon Von Zola

"The Unsigned Guide is a really useful medium for opening an emerging artist's eyes to a plethora of gigs, contacts and advice all in one place. Invaluable for new artists trying to push through and something I've already recommended to other artist mates of mine."
Mark Lawless

"We have found it to be an indispensable resource for musicians and bands, especially for bands like us who are looking to reach a wider audience and build our fan base."

"It's amazing to have so many industry contacts all in the same place - rather than having 100 tabs open on your computer trying to cross reference between websites and your email. It saves a lot of time!!! The Unsigned Guide is usually the first place I hear about opportunities or apply to play events to. It's a must if you're trying to tap into this industry alone like we are."
Temples Of Youth

"I have subscribed to The Unsigned Guide for a number of years now, and I find it invaluable in finding what I need for music whether they are studios, sound engineers, producers, video directors, etc. I see it as a credible listing of music industry contacts."
Leena Ojala

"We have been members of The Unsigned Guide for a couple of years now. It’s great for new bands to have all of the music industry contacts in the one place. London has been a much harder scene for new bands than I had anticipated when I moved here 3 years ago. Having something like The Unsigned Guide has helped us for sure when it's come to finding venues or reaching out to bookers and looking for PR companies."
The Bloom

"I do use The Unsigned Guide all of the time. I organised the tour that we are starting next week by contacting a lot of people I found using the Guide. I have also gained radio play through contacts from this website. So yes, I really do use it and it really makes a difference."
Katie Mac

"It's a great resource for self-managing musicians like me to be able to track down relevant industry contacts and organisations, and it's all in one easy-to-use website. Plus I find the newsletters really useful in staying on top of developments in the industry."
Owen Duff

"We use The Unsigned Guide all the time, it has been the biggest help for us! It's a absolute God-send! We definitely wouldn't of got this far without it."
Feral Family


"We're a big fan of the Guide! It’s become a lot more important to us over the past couple of months as we've started to create relationships with multiple contacts throughout the industry such as management, labels, venue & festival promoters etc."

"The Unsigned Guide has helped me so much, getting in contact with so many people I would never of been able to network with previously. I advise it to all up and coming artist who are looking to start their career off, or even follow on with self management. It really is the independent platform of its time, so thank you!"

Luke May

"I generally use the site every few days. I've had so much extra coverage/gigs through using The Unsigned Guide - I cannot tell you how grateful I am. Thank you."

Emi McDade

“We use The Unsigned Guide regularly to email out press releases to labels and promoters, it’s helped us secure a booking agent and even a main stage festival slot at Forever Sun Festival with the Happy Mondays!”

The Assist

“We’ve used the Guide loads: from looking for people to review our EPs, to finding venues and promoters for shows, to finding radio stations that would play our songs! I get the weekly mailouts too, and they’re great for keeping up with what’s going on in the ‘music industry’ and general band tips.”
Hora Douse

"It has been invaluable. I’ve been a subscriber since the days it was a physical publication so I’ve been using it for many, many years. We've used it for festival applications and to book gigs across the country. We’ve used it to tap up all manor of creative industries, such a video resources and I’m pretty sure we've found our long term artwork collaborator through The Unsigned Guide."
Thula Borah

We use The Unsigned Guide regularly. It has been a massive help when booking our tours. We've played a few festivals off the back of it. The blog posts always make for a great 'on the road' read too! 


"We've used The Unsigned Guide for a few years now and find it really useful - especially for industry contacts and when applying for festivals. It’s a great resource for getting updates."

"We use The Unsigned Guide a lot. It's been particularly useful for finding venues and contacts, such as managers and promoters. The 'favourites' feature is great, we use this a lot. We read the blogs a lot too, which are really insightful and give great teaching on how to understand the industry better."

"I bought an Unsigned Guide subscription a couple of months ago and it has been incredibly useful. It saves me so much time scouring Facebook to find contact details for promoters etc, and being kept up-to-date with “apply to play” opportunities is super helpful."
Atlas Run

"We love The Unsigned Guide. It’s made life in an unsigned band so much more liveable. We use it to help with everything from PR campaigns, to finding shows, to finding a PA to hire!"
Hidden Depths

“We’ve played over 300 shows as a band and The Unsigned Guide has been a constant source to help us establish new contacts. It’s a priceless tool.”

"A friend had recommended it to us about a year ago and since then we've constantly been using it with promotion/booking and anything else that we find helpful along the way. It's such a great platform for independent artists such as ourselves to use and we have recommended it to many of our friends in the same position."

Loud Mountains

"When I first started out I used the The Unsigned Guide to help get shows so I know that it’s a great service for musicians! I’m going to be using it a lot to help with the next releases and hopefully to find promoters and booking agents for the potential new shows at the end of the year."
Kate Lomas

“The Unsigned Guide was very useful when organising tour dates around the UK, it was very handy having access to so many Promoters' details!”

Glass Ankle

"I honestly believe The Unsigned Guide played a pivotal part in getting my previous band's music to the right people, which subsequently resulted in us signing a major publishing deal. I can’t speak highly enough of it! I have been using it since starting this project, mainly to submit my music to websites, blogs & magazines."
Secular Ghost

"I have used the Guide to contact festivals and venues in the past. It's an amazing resource that I'll definitely be using to get the new EP off the ground!"

"It's so easy to get lost on the internet when you're wanting to promote your band, it's great having so many contacts all in one place.  I've used The Unsigned Guide loads for finding promoters, bloggers, festivals and managers."
The Moth Lantern

"The Guide has been great for tapping into media for us, especially local radio and press contacts which can be very time consuming to find."
Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou

"I came across The Unsigned Guide whilst looking into music management. It's such a useful resource in giving pointers to emerging artists in what can be a daunting industry!"

"The Guide has been helpful for finding contact details to send promo copies of the album for radio and press."

"I use it all the time. It’s great for looking up contacts like mastering houses and music publishers. I also find the articles and advice really helpful, as these help keep me focused on my aims."

“The Unsigned Guide has been incredibly useful for me in establishing connections with other like-minded music lovers and industry professionals.”
James Holt

"Your site is completely invaluable for up and coming artists. Personally, I've had so much radio play/blogs/interviews through The Unsigned Guide and learnt a huge amount... I owe so much to you, as I imagine thousands of other artists do also!"
Emi McDade

We found The Unsigned Guide useful and used it as a valuable source of information. The band we represent have since been signed to Edel Music in Germany on their EAR music label.”
Greg Ellis, CID Merch
"It is amazing, there is no other product or service out there that has all this information in one place. It allows me to target areas, music types, specialists; it make my job so much easier, it has taught me so much about the industry, and to be honest I use it every single day."
Joe Fawcett, Young Music Apprentice, Red Dreams

“Thanks to you we are one of the 10 winners of the Manchester City CityBeats competition. We were the first artist to be featured and we have since had lots of press through national media such as The Guardian and Radio 6. We saw the competition in The Unsigned Guide.”
Robin Dymond, TheVooz 

"To be honest I didn’t think anything would come from The Unsigned Guide but I have to say that it has helped us out quite a bit, and I haven’t spent that much time on it! There’s a lot more to do and explore."
Feed The Kid

“We use the Guide mainly to contact venues in the UK but we're always looking through it for contact details for publishers, music supervisors, agents, managers etc and there's tons of info about the people listed so it helps when you need to look up the people and show them you’re not just mailing off a huge mailing list. It adds a bit more of a personal touch I guess.”
Clockwork Radio 

"I would like to thank you for your incredible help. The bulk of contacts I could find through your product would need thousands of hours of work!"
Alex Koukoudis

"Using The Unsigned Guide helped me find not only a recording studio but also media links to help promote my track!"

Ross Mayhew

"I do get a lot of traffic from my listing in your Guide - it's a big help and I've found many acts through it so thanks for this."
Shaun, Substance


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